The Right Screens For Your Replacement Windows

The Right Screens For Your Replacement Windows

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While it’s nice to let fresh air into your house and your replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA will certainly help you do that, you might also want to prevent bugs and other things from coming in with that air. Many windows are coupled with screens to help you get the fresh air you want into your home, but keep debris, bugs, and other things out.

Just as there are a number of different materials to consider for your windows, there are different materials for window screens as well. They are made of aluminum, nylon, polyester, metal wire, fiberglass, and stainless steel, among other things. There are some screens that are stretched on wood frames and others that roll away when they are not being used.

Once you’ve decided what new windows you want on your house, it’s important to choose screens that will look good and function well with those windows. Traditional screens are rigid, and cam be damaged, but flexible screens are often attractive and since they are pliable, they are much harder to damage. These flexible screens will fit right into the replacement window frame to give you the visibility you want along with the extra protection you need for the home.

Screens come with options today, including sun and heat regulation that can make your home more comfortable than other screens. They can minimize UV rays if you don’t get low-E glass to do that already and they can also have a design that helps with ventilation to allow more air into the home without allowing other elements through.

Screens seem like the most vulnerable part of a window, and they are. But when you get the right kind of screen that can take the outdoor elements and the sun and other things they will have to stand up against over the years, you won’t have to worry about damage or replacement any time soon.

When you are getting replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA, another important aspect of the process is going to be choosing screens to go along with the purchase. While there aren’t as many decisions to think through with screens, they are important to the overall outcome of your project. When you speak with the professionals at Mancino Door & Window, Inc., ask for advice on the screens you want for your new windows. We can help you think through the benefits, the price ranges, and every other aspect of the process. Call us at (949) 328-9910 and ask for clarification on things or answer to other items. You can also get a free consultation with us whenever you want to talk about more details. You can also come by our showroom and take a look at windows and screens in person. We’re located at 27801 La Paz Rd #B Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 and we’re happy to show you around, talk things over with you, read ratings labels, and get any other information you need to you as you work on the process.

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