Choosing The Wrong Upgrades For Your Home

Choosing The Wrong Upgrades For Your Home

Replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA

As you look into replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA, it will quickly become evident that there are lots of options on the market. Even standard windows are going to do a great deal for your home if you choose them. They’re technologically advanced and allow you further energy efficiency over what you had before. But many homeowners like to add upgrades to their windows to get even more for their money. If you have a good budget for your window project, but you have found that you can only afford one such upgrade, you need to find the upgrade that suits your home the best. Here are a few home situations and the wrong upgrades for those situations along with which upgrade might be better.

A Home In The Full Shade Installs Low-E Glass

Low-E glass coatings are going to help most homes, at least a little. But a home that sits in the full shade all day long isn’t going to get nearly as much out of this window upgrade as another house might. This glass coating reflects the heat of the sun so you can get natural light into your home while bouncing the heat back outside. You also don’t have UV rays coming in, fading things out. While low-E coatings will help a house in the shade over the winter by reflecting heat back in, it won’t do as much work for the home in the summer months. Placing inert gas fillings between the panes for further insulation might be a better idea in this instance.

replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

A Home In A Quiet Neighborhood Installs Triple Pane Glass

Triple pane glass is going to further insulate a home and give it more energy efficiency. So it’s not really a bad choice. But this kind of glassworks really well on homes that are in noisy areas because it dampens the sound that gets through the glass and into the home to give the house more peace and quiet. If your home is already in a quiet area, you might be better off installing low-E glass to block the heat of the sun so you can let natural light in without the heat and block the UV rays at the same time.

These are just a few suggestions to help you start thinking in the right direction. When you are looking into replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA and you know you can only afford one upgrade, the professionals at Mancino Door & Window Inc. are happy to take a look at your home’s circumstances, your budget, and your overall goals and make a recommendation to you. Of course, you get to make the final decision, but our experts will be able to explain why one certain upgrade is better than another for your particular home setup and needs. We’re here to help you get as much as you can from the window replacement process, even with just one upgrade. You can take your home a long way in the right direction.

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