The Benefits of Replacement Windows and Doors in Huntington Beach, CA

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We often take for granted the functional and aesthetic importance of windows and doors in a home. They provide us protection from weather and intruders, while allowing light and entry into our homes. Over time, exposure and use can cause windows and doors to wear out. Poor seals can lead to air drafts and water leaks. If you’re facing some of these problems, it may be time for replacement windows and doors in Huntington Beach, CA.

Here at Mancino Door & Window, Inc., we are a leading provider in the local area. Our team of experts is focused on providing customers with excellent service. They guide and direct homeowners to find the best products by consulting with them about their needs. Our installation teams are highly skilled at installing every window and door product we carry.

Many people ask us, “why should I replace my windows and doors?” It’s a good question. We think it comes down to benefits. Here are several of the main benefits you’ll experience:

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Today’s windows and doors are built to be highly energy efficient. Manufacturers have researched and developed new materials and technologies that have improved the insulating properties of modern windows and doors. As a homeowner, this helps you by improving your ability to manage the internal climate of your home better. At the same time, improved home efficiency through better windows and doors will reduce your monthly energy costs.

The best replacement windows and doors in Huntington Beach, CA are always EnergyStar rated. Energy Star is a program supported and promoted by the U.S. Environmental Agency and the Department of Energy. Manufacturers of products that consume or conserve energy can submit their products for testing against the established high standards. If their products meet or exceed the standards, the products will receive this important rating label.

By looking for the Energy Star rating, you can easily discern which door and window products are built with quality and efficiency in mind.

2. Enhanced Security and Safety

Here at Mancino Door & Window, Inc., we believe strongly in providing our customers with products that enhance their home security. We take this seriously by making sure all of our windows and doors meet forced entry testing standards that are typical during a home intrusion. As our customer, you can feel comfortable that you are buying a product that will help to protect your family from external threats.

At the same time, it’s important that all of our windows and doors perform well in an emergency scenario. We’ve learned that tragedy can occur without good hardware design that keeps safety in mind. For example, if a fire were to break out in your home, it’s important every possible exit is available to you, including your new windows and doors. That’s why all of our lock systems and opening mechanisms are easy and convenient to manage, even under stressful conditions.

3. Better Material Advantages

In recent decades, the door and window industry has applied a variety of excellent materials to the manufacturing process. Wood, aluminum, and steel have been around for some time, but more recent newcomers include vinyl and fiberglass.

Vinyl has become one of the most popular choices because of its lower cost and minimal maintenance requirements. When designed well, it also offers good thermal protection. Its drawbacks are that it is not paintable, and can be a weaker product if not designed and manufactured correctly. Fortunately, manufacturers have become quite good and creating strong vinyl products.

Fiberglass is also becoming a quality choice for windows and doors. It’s paintable, requires little maintenance from year to year, and provides good thermal protection. It also doesn’t expand and contract as much as other materials in heat and cold, making it more energy efficient. Its main drawback is that it is a bit more expensive than other materials.

4. Custom Windows and Doors

These days the window and door industry has never been more capable of craft designing and building your windows and doors. The personalization you can request feels almost endless. You can customize the style, color, material, glass, size, shape, insulation quality, and more. All of these things can be done to create architectural flair and personal style.

But even if you don’t require extensive customization for the whole house, it can be useful for the one or two windows or doors that do need a bit of dressing up. This could be a showpiece window, an oversized door, or a uniquely shaped glass inlay. Whatever it may be, we can help.


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Windows & Doors Replacement FAQs

When do you need new windows?

One way to determine if you need to replace your old windows is when they start to cost your extra on energy bills and in random repairs. Old windows need maintenance on a regular basis as well. Moreover, you’ve likely noticed how drafty your home is. You’re either hot all of the time or chilled all of the time, depending on what the temperature is outside. If your windows won’t be able to hold an even temperature, then you might consider replacing it now. Read more.

What are the best window options for larger home?

Larger homes have more wall space so you might consider adding some windows that look as good as they function. In a larger home, it is often hard to get the right ventilation flow so it is better to get casement windows across the rooms from each other. These type of window can get a good cross flow of fresh air going through the space. In addition, consider Low-E coatings on the glass to help you allow light in, but block heat.

How much should I budget for replacement windows?

When installing replacement windows, you need to arrange a budget for the process. In order to do that, you need to know of the basics about the costs. In order to figure out what the process is going to cost you, here are some of the things that factor into the bottom line of this project: the material, the style, the project size and the installation cost. Learn more.


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