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Patio doors never looked so sophisticated—that’s exactly what you’ll get with the LaCantina brand. Get ready for grand panels of glass that will allow the outside to be part of your home. LaCantina offers a wide variety of patio doors to open up your spaces, including folding, sliding, and swing.

LaCantina is renowned for its folding door system technology. They have set the standard for this type of door. They use high-quality rolling hardware, durable panels, and robust frame designs. The systems deliver a smooth and effortless operation, which is dominant among all others. The doors are top hung, which prevents future alignment issues and enables fingertip control. You’ll have the ability to specify any size opening with multiple configurations.

LaCantina folding doors also have few mullions so your view won’t be blocked. Get panels up to 39” wide and 120” tall without the need for those obtrusive horizontal mullions. Each door also comes with available performance glass so that interiors stay comfortable and harmful UV rays don’t find their way inside, which could cause fading of carpets and upholstery.

Why Choose MDW for LaCANTINA Doors

When it comes to patio doors, there are lots of options. But no other brand delivers this level of elegance. We’ve been using LaCantina doors for years, creating amazing transformations in homes. If you want to seamlessly merge your interior and exterior, LaCantina doors are a great investment. We can also install the doors, so you have no worries about long-term usability.

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