Keeping The Options Modern In Replacement Windows

Keeping The Options Modern In Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

When you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA, you might start to look into the options and figure out what features and styles are going to work well for your home’s overall style. The modern style isn’t hard to match and you can get something just right for your home when you put a little thought and effort into it. Here are some of the options that are considered modern and that might work well for your home.

White Or Black Frame Colors

Modern homes often feature simple colors with color accents in certain locations. You are not likely going to use the windows as that color accent, but instead are going to keep something simple and basic in that area. White frames are the most popular and go with any home color. They are nice because you can paint the home in the future and the white frames will still look good. Black is another popular color for modern homes. Modern houses often ride well with contrasting colors and black and contrast against any light color you have on the home and stand out in a nice way without going overboard.

Casement Window For An Open Style

Modern homes have a simple, streamlined look to them and casement windows can help to accentuate that. These windows have one sash that swings out and away from the house. There are no interruptions to the glass, which means more natural light and a nice modern look. Double hung windows are a nice, popular style, but they have interruptions to the glass which gives them an older look instead of a modern appeal.

Picture Windows Open Things, Too

Picture windows, like casement windows, are going to have wide, open spaces without interruptions. The frame surrounds the windows and that’s all there is to them. It’s a nice way to place a modern appeal on your house with a different window style that will still fit into the casement theme and give the house that overall streamlined appearance you want.

Blended Or Contrasting Hardware

The hardware for the windows is likely only going to show from inside, but it can be like a finishing touch on the windows and it’s important not to go wrong on that aspect. You might want to get something that blends into the windows so you hardly even see it. Or, if you want a really modern look, you can contrast the windows and the hardware to make it stand out a bit, more like an accessory.

Simple Window Treatments

In modern homes, you want the window treatments to look nice, function well, and blend in nicely. You will want something simple and not anything too bright, colorful, or patterned. Getting window treatments once the replacement windows Huntington Beach, CA are installed is a good idea if you need new ones because the old ones will already be down and out of the way. It’s a convenient time to match the projects together nicely.

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