Custom Replacement Window Features

Custom Replacement Window Features

replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA

You can buy windows ‘off the rack’ and standard and they will likely be better than the windows you have on your house now. However, there are custom replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA that can be created for your home and your exact needs as well. New windows are an investment and as long as you are taking the project on, it pays to get the exact right fit. Here are a few things you can customize about your new windows.


There are standard sizes in the window world, but you might want windows that are smaller for beside doorways, or larger for a better view, in certain areas. Even if you have standard windows now, you can change things up and get different sizes to suit your needs when you get replacements. This process gives you a good opportunity to make any changes you see necessary in your home.


Color is another customizing feature that can make your project look that much better. White is the standard window color and it works well for most people. IT looks great with what you have on the house now and if you paint in the future, it’ll still work. But if you want a custom look, consider a different color. You can get black to contrast a light-colored house. You could get the exact same color as the house for a streamlined look. Or you could get the house color in a darker tone for the contrast that black brings. The color of your windows will help your project stand out.

Glass Pack

Windows generally come with double pane glass with air between those panes of glass. If you want something different, that means customizing the windows. You can upgrade in a number of ways. You can get triple pane glass to insulate your home further and you can put inert gas fillings between the panes for more efficiency. You can also put a low-E coating on the glass to block the heat of the sun without blocking light. These upgrades are going to cost more, but they pay off in energy savings and home value on the other side of the installation.


You can even choose something as small as the hardware on your windows. Think of it as an accessory or a piece of jewelry that is used to top things off. Some people like the hardware to match the window color so it doesn’t stand out. Others like brushed nickel to match the handles on their doors. And then there are those that want shiny brass to make it really stand out. There are so many choices that whatever you want, you can have.

If you are looking into replacement windows in Laguna Beach, CA, going with custom features can really make the project stand out as right for your home. You want a good fit for your budget, your goals, and your home’s style and the professionals at Mancino Door & Window, Inc. can help you find just what you need.

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