What You Can Do In Addition To Replacement Windows

What You Can Do In Addition To Replacement Windows

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If you have an older home, you might need replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA. And while new windows will take a huge worry off your shoulders where your energy efficiency is concerned, it’s important to think about other areas of your home that might also need help so you can achieve as close to perfect efficiency. Here are a few things you might want to do in your home in addition to getting new windows so you can maintain and achieve efficiency.

Get New Doors

The exterior doors are important to your efficiency as well. There aren’t as many of them as there are windows so if you can only do one project, it’s better to take on the windows first. But if you have extra money and want even more efficiency, getting better exterior doors to replace the old ones can help a great deal as well. The windows and doors on your home are the most vulnerable parts of the home, by far, when it comes to air leaks. Once you get new windows installed, getting new doors to seal up any other leaks you might have will only increase your efficiency more.

Insulate The Attic

There have always been codes in place on houses, but if your house was built long enough ago, it might not be up to the current standards and codes. It’s important to make sure your attic has enough insulation be today’s standards. It’s another place that heat and air can escape your home. If you add extra insulation to the attic, you won’t see the change, but you will feel it in the comfort of your home, You will also notice the difference on your energy bills.

Make Thermostat Changes

While you might like your home at a certain temperature, you can save money on your energy bills by setting the thermostat to change throughout the day. Keep things warmer in the summer overnight or cooler in the winter to give the HVAC a break. You can also set those changes to occur when you aren’t home.

replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

Clean Out Air Ducts

If you’ve never had an air duct cleaning, you might be past due. If there is a lot of dirt and debris in the ducts, the HVAC has to work harder to force air through those ducts, which in turn can have an impact on your efficiency in a negative way.

There are lots of things you can do to increase the efficiency of your home, but if you need new windows, it’s always best to start with replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA. Once the windows are installed, you can go from there. It’s important to take the biggest steps first so you can make the largest changes in your efficiency. If you have money leftover after the windows are replaced, change out the doors, have an air duct cleaning, and make other moves as well to increase the efficiency even further. You want the energy bills to be as low as possible.

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