The Final Step—Home Prep For Replacement Window Installation

The Final Step—Home Prep For Replacement Window Installation

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It can be overwhelming to choose a company for replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA and then have to go over the details that take decisions. You have a lot of choices to make and it’s wise to be careful about each decision you make. You are going to want everything to work well together, and on your house, so you are happy with the new windows right away, and well into the future. Once you order the windows, you can sigh in relief. You’re almost there! The final step is the installation of those windows. But you have to prepare your house a bit first. Here’s what to do.

Follow Instructions From The Window Company

You will be in close contact with the window company before you have the installation done. They will call you and let you know what you should get done before they arrive so your home is as ready as possible. You will likely even get to talk to the installer yourself. Make sure you write down any instructions they give or follow the list they might send to you. Then, you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible.

Remove Fragile Items And Pictures

Most people have family photos on the walls and/or artwork. You might also have shelves up with fragile items sitting around. You’re going to want to take anything down that could fall if it is on the walls that windows are on. Installing windows is a messy job and the walls will likely shake. The installers are as careful as they can be with your home’s items, but taking things down makes that job easier and your things more secure.

Take Away Window Treatments

Your window treatments cover your windows and if they are over the windows, how can the installers get to them? They can’t. Those window treatments have to come down. It’s actually a nice thing because it gives you the chance to replace them with something new once the windows are in or, you at least have the chance to thoroughly clean the coverings before you put them back up.

Clear Paths To Windows And Outletsreplacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

The installers need to be able to get to the windows and they will need power as well. Try to clear paths of furniture, shoes, rugs, and other clutter so they are able to get to the windows with as much ease as possible. You also want to make sure there are outlets around that they can use for power. They will likely have tools that take power and having easy access to the outlets will make their job that much easier.

Make A Plan For Kids

Installing replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA isn’t going to be quiet and if you have young children at home, it can be scary to hear all that noise. You might want to have outside plans for your child or ask a family friend to care for them that day so they are away from the sounds.

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