Do You Want More Natural Light In Your Home?

Do You Want More Natural Light In Your Home?

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Have you ever noticed that the windows on smaller homes have rather small windows? The frames on those windows are so large that there’s not much glass space left for actual light to come through. If you want more light in your home, replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA might be a key to your success. There are other things you can do with windows as well. Here are a few options to consider.

Add Skylights In The Right Rooms

You may not have a lot of extra wall space to put in more windows, but you could perhaps find a spot or two for a skylight. Skylights allow you to bring natural light into the home from above, but they don’t take away any privacy. That makes them ideal for the bathrooms where you need that privacy, and also kitchens where most of the wall space is taken up by cabinets. You might even appreciate the skylight in a dark hallway that doesn’t have any walls going to the outside for a window.

Replace Window Coverings

One problem your home might have is window coverings that are too heavy. If you have curtains over every window and they block the light well, that could be your issue right there. Opening the curtains can help, but it can also be a pain. Consider getting new window coverings, like shades or blinds, that you can use to filter the light and direct it in certain ways.

Put Windows Around Existing Windows

Many homes have more than one window in a room. They might even have a bank of windows in one location. You could put more windows around that bank, either above or beside the windows you already have, to bring in more light.

Make Windows Larger

When you decide it’s time for replacement windows, you might want to make your current windows larger. It’s a good time to make that kind of change as you are taking on a big project as it is. The installers can make the holes better and fit bigger windows into the place where the smaller ones sat before.

Get Glass Doors

If you have solid French doors at the back of your house, or even just a normal door, putting in sliding glass doors or French doors with glass in them can really help to brighten up that part of the house. The rooms around those new doors can look more welcoming, larger, and open, too.replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA

Install Replacement Window Options

With older windows, there’s not as much glass space. Even if you get the same window size and style you have now in replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA, you are going to let more natural light into the house because technology now allows the frames to be much smaller, which allows for more glass space. You also have the opportunity to make other changes to your window setup. Plus, the efficiency alone is worth the change.

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