Cleaning Replacement Windows And More

Cleaning Replacement Windows And More

replacement windows in Irvine, CA

Once you get replacement windows in Irvine, CA, you should be proud of the fresh, new look that they bring to your house. And while new windows last for decades, especially if you paid attention to quality, you will need to keep in mind that they will only look as good as you maintain them. You will want to clean them on a regular basis to keep their gorgeous new look. Here are a few tips to keep the interior and exterior of your home looking nice. The replacement windows will need cleaning on both sides of the wall and, inside, you’ll need to keep an eye on those window coverings as well.

Cleaning the exterior of the window frames is not that hard, especially if you have vinyl frames now. Vinyl windows frames don’t take much maintenance. Depending on the color you got, they might not even show much dirt. You can simply wipe them down from time to time to keep the dirt at bay. Sometimes, the rain might do that job for you!

You will also want to sometimes clean the window’s glass outside. The glass is easy to clean on the ground floor, just as you would inside. If you have an upper level, getting double hung windows helps you tilt the windows into the home so you can clean the outside of the windows from inside the house. If you get a casement or another type of window, you can always hire a window cleaning service to help you get the windows nice and clean outside.

Inside, you will want to keep the window glass clean, too, so you can see out and get as much natural light as you can inside your home. Some people like to use newspaper to clean glass to get rid of streaks. Another idea is not to use too much of the cleaning fluid when you spray.

If you get screens on your windows, you will also want to keep them clean so you can see out well and not bring too much dust into your home when you ventilate. Take the screens off every season or so and rinse them with a hose outside. You can then let them dry and put them back on.

With a little regular cleaning, your windows are going to look as good as new for the long haul. Getting replacement windows in Irvine, CA usually cuts back on the amount of maintenance you have to do, but you will still want to clean to make them look new for as long as possible. The professionals at Mancino Door & Window, Inc. can help you with cleaning tips. After you have the windows installed, you can ask the installers for tips as to how you will want to care for your new windows. You can also call us later and ask for ideas. We’re here for you before you get new windows, during the process, and even after the windows have been installed to help however we can.

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